OMG Theo knows there is a blog dedicated to his eyebrows. This blog is dedicated to HIM but his eyebrows are awesome. I am embarrassed!

Theo if you ever google this blog it is dedicated to your awesome talent. The end :)

Thanks litliving

Q: when was divergent shot? like which months of last year?

— Anonymous

Divergent shot last year from April to the very beginning of July. 

Q: Who is that woman with Theo in those new pics???

— Anonymous

A friend/actress from his drama school Old Bristol Vic.

Q: hey, there's one thing i want to know... does theo live with his cute girlfriend or it's more like...a long distance relationship? thank you.

— Anonymous

Hello there! Theo said in an interview that he is a bit of a nomad. He doesn’t have a “home base” which is also why he doesn’t have pets. So I think he bounces between London and LA.

Q: Hey :) do you know if there's any meet and greet planned in London with Theo James coming up?

— Anonymous

Not that I know of. He’ll be in Atlanta soon enough filming Insurgent.

CBS Corporation: Renew the Golden Boy TV series for another season →

Please sign and pass on this petition.

Walter and Agnes Clark :) 

Their sibling relationship was one of my favorite parts of the show.

Q: Do you have a video of Theo James in the Inbetweeners? Just the scene he's in? (:

— Anonymous

If only! I suffered through the whole movie only for the Theo moments. Someone should make that for us!

Q: Can you post a step-by-step on how to download or watch the Golden Boy links you posted? I've tried everything and nothing seems to work :\

— Anonymous

Hey! In order to download them you need a program that can open torrents. I downloaded UTorrent which was free. Once you have that program you can download all the episodes from EZTV and they will be saved to your computer as a movie file. Hope that helps!

To answer my other anon, no there isn’t a place on YouTube to watch full episodes of Golden Boy unfortunately.

Q: Is Bedlam a good show? Would you recommend it?

— Anonymous

Yes it is. There are some cheesy special effects but the story and plots each episode suck you in.